Can’t Afford Travel? Kim Dao’s Vlogs Let You Share Her Experiences

Social media has become a strong force that influences people to travel. Even those who are not into traveling have somewhat been poked by what they see on the internet to include traveling in their life bucket list. Nobody ever wants to live without having gone on a tour. Nobody ever wants to just leave their passport blank and dusty. However, not everyone has the easy means to just book a plane or train ticket. There are so many people who badly want to travel but they just can’t do it as they please simply because they are on a tight budget.

VlogsTo The Rescue
If reading novels can take you to different places because it galvanizes your imagination, then so watching vlogs. Vlogs are video contents that feature the happenings in the life of the content creator—so-called vlogger. There are thousands of vloggers out there and some of them have already built a career on uploading video because of their reliability when it comes to the quality of their content. One of them is Kim Dao an Australian Youtuber who loves sharing about makeup, fashion, lifestyle, and of course, travel videos. She is one of the best content creators who can satisfy your longing to travel because she also loves exploring different places and she can act as your virtual tour guide. Here are some of the places she has travelled to:

•    Denmark

•    Singapore

•    Japan

•    Korea

•    China

•    Germany

• Hong Kong

She has travelled to so many cities of so many countries, and she does not just feature the places, she is also very informative about her specific experiences and makes it as though you were with her during those moments. Her vlogs are definitely worth watching because you can learn substantial things and never will you find them boring and repetitive. Watch and travel with no tickets needed, only a Wi-Fi connection and your phone or laptop!