A Brief History Of Grills And Other Hip Hop Bling

If somebody approaches you on the street and asks you about what you know about hip-hop, you would most probably answer rap, baggy shorts, snap backs and bling. You’re not wrong. And in fact, this is true of the hip-hop culture. So much about it has revolved around having a flashy lifestyle. But there is actually a story behind it.

Early Days of Hip-Hop

Most of what people see today in hip-hop artists are tied with the experience of the people in this culture as a whole. People of color, who are the primary populations of such culture,have been subject to oppression for such a long time. And it was through their united desire for equality that led them to rise as a culture. People shared their passion through music which is evident in the songs that have come from this era of hip-hop. And the pieces that they wore also reflected their life styles.

The Bling

People in the hip-hop culture wanted to have people’s attention to hear their cause for equality. And they found that through the wearing of flashy items like bling, grills, phones,and other fashion statements people took notice of them. These pieces were then deeply embedded in the hip-hop culture.

Today’s Fashion Pieces

Hip-hop has gone far as a genre and a culture of its own. People now wear grills as a symbol of wealth and status. There are only a few people who can afford genuine grills coming from the finest materials. More so, only a few people can pull it off. But because of websites like deezgrillz.com/ it’s now more affordable to have such a statement piece.

There are so many designs to choose from. Women can even order customized grills for them. And the types of grills to choose from abound. People can have silver, gold, and even platinum grills for their teeth. All come at affordable prices so there’s no need to worry about achieving that authentic hip-hop look.